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Nowadays, Self- medication has become rampant in the society. This has proved to be deleterious not only to individual health but also to the health of society as a whole. In India, this menace is observed equally in all strata of society, underlining gravity and seriousness of the concern. Indiscriminate use of drugs, especially antibiotics may lead to resistance. Besides adding disease burden on patients, at times, it may prove fatal.
We, at Mascon Healthcare have set a crusade to fight against this malpractice. For the first time in India, We have designed a special campaign called “Trust Your Doctor” through effective & consistent means of approaching mass patients i.e FM radio.
This campaign will provide MASCON a platform to spread patient education to eliminate self-medication practice and contribute to the social cause in different regional languages.


An age old proverb says ‘don’t take away a man’s hope that may be all that he has.’ We at Mascon Healthcare understand what hope means to a patient as well as his/her family members. We believe that meeting the unmet medical needs goes a long way in growth of a healthy nation. Mascon Healthcare has instituted the ‘Aasha’ project that plays a pivotal role in providing a ray of hope to many patients. It is a direct channel where a patient can approach a doctor for treatment and would be provided the necessary support through Mascon Healthcare ‘Aasha’. This project not only helps in quick initiation of treatment but also gives the initial confidence to the patients, which by itself goes a long way in making a huge difference.



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